Fun lunch with style expert Catherine Althin

Last Wednesday, I had time off. After sitting with the script work as long as it felt lovely to spend the day in Gothenburg. Took a breakfast at the central station and watched the people. A turn to the Pocket Shop to sign some books while I was there. As it turned out that the mountain of books that were there last were sold out. There remained seven items and two of them were sold while I was there.

Stax after twelve I met Catherine Althin in the lobby of the Hotel Avalon. We had long talked about taking a lunch, as my reward for all hours in front of your computer. Catherine saw of course very great, but then she runs also Style Studio Gothenburg.

"How are you doing with style, Ann?" Said Catherine. Yes, how did I really thought I was trying to formulate and me. It all ended with a small interview that Catherine put on her blog, (Wednesday 24 March). Can be found at:

Lunch was at least good and nice and after a while I discovered that it was quite empty in the restaurant. Which was understandable because the clock had become 15:30.

It was a turn into some shops and I quickly realized that Catherine has an eye and see things I do when it comes to clothes. Really interesting to listen to her reasoning and I understand that she is frequently engaged. Next time I will be better prepared, may also have Dextrosol in your jacket pocket to increase my stamina ...

The time had become a lot when I sat on the train and then bus back to Marstrand. It is like another world out here, a different pace, I think when I get off the bus. But having Gothenburg, a stone's throw away is not stupid.


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