Happy Thursday in Stockholm, lunch with the lovely Mirja Signature Manor

Yesterday was a höjdardag. Air taxi took me 07:05. Then we went to Stockholm. In the taxi from Bromma I ended up with George, a police officer working in the city division in Gothenburg - sometimes you're lucky! After getting his contact details and given a pocket for him and one of the nice taxi driver, I found myself up to Visual Sound studio in Brännkyrkagatan. Anders Brisbane Ling and Lasse Jungman Jansson, who runs Visual Sound thought it would be nice if I read in after word of the book itself. Can say that I had practiced so as not to pole, and were given advice by Mirja Signature Manor.

Very interesting to see how it works with audio book production, plus to meet Mirja and her lovely four-month daughter.

To sit in a studio with headphones on your ears and listen when someone reads a story that you yourself have invented is a breathtaking sense. Especially when the reader brings to life characters and story in the most delicate way. Varies voice and expression for each character and then find back there in the next paragraph. Impressive!

Mirja proved to be a fantastically nice and down to earth girl who invited both Lasse and me to lunch after we were finished with the recordings. Then I had a good time before the flight would go and was quickly lost in the South. I'm not good at finding in the capital. Was therefore pleased when I came across Mirja with the stroller a few hours later and was joined a bit - in the right direction. The toy store where she recommended I found never, but instead had good coffee. Johan & Nyström on Swedenborgsgatan.

At the airport I accosted a guy who stood at the paperback shelf. Managed to get him to put back the book he held in and instead take the four-masted daughter, against that I signed it.

It was free seating on the flight to Gothenburg and I ended up between the Lena and Maria - two from Marstrand. What are the odds of that? Pleasant was anyway.

The fog was thick when I went over Instöbron. The children were sleeping when I got home. Her husband put rails on the upper floor. Before I go to sleep I think I must have the world's best job.

(PS - Yes, you will be able to comment, it's on G, but Jens who manages part skiing this week. DS)


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