Wonderful Boras!

Today I had a really good day! Autographed books inside the Ica City Boras recently opened bokavdelning.

Was well looked after by Marie from Pocket wholesaler who also had with him his sister Zara to support.

And all those nice people you meet. And those who already read the book and ask when will continue, but even those who wonder what kind of book, what it is about. I get so happy when people dare to try a new author! Many of the shop's customers I talked long with - meetings, I will remember.

Took the opportunity to major shopping before I would go home, and when I pack up all the food in the car, I discover that the cell phone is missing. I borrowed a phone and call on it. Oddly enough, the mobile answer in which it should not do because I know that it is turned on. Someone needs to shut it off! I go through all the bags to see if it got there, but not. I talk to one of the cashiers who refer to the information desk. Depressed I go there and ask. Can hardly believe it's true when they pick up cell phone. Hooray! A thousand thousand thanks to you, you are amazing Boras who submitted it, and also locked it so nobody else could make it.


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