Beloved books! The exciting content that will fit between the covers is the best gift I can imagine!

Sometimes there are things closer to home than you think ... Yesterday I had an interesting encounter with a certain Bridget here in Marstrand. She turned out to be in possession of a lot of valuable information that I thought I would have to locate through the Regions Archive in Gothenburg among others. Instead, I spent days at her house, next door to Marstrand preschool, two minutes walk from my house. Sometimes you're lucky!

The bag was much heavier on the way home. Two books and a hefty stack of paper. Put them in a safe place so that children do not think it's drawing paper ...

Today I continued with a trip to Marstrand library (after having given up my my book cover for further transport to Johanna in Gothenburg - nice!). All interesting books that are in Bohuslän-shelf in the Town Hall. I want to bring any home! In the end I had to give me because it did not fit more in your bag. The piles of papers and books pile now back up on my desk. It's fantastic - so very exciting to read and learn new things. If we look instead for the desktop are proofs to the Soul coffin, the stack is half a meter high, which also feels good.

This time I've thought to be more structured and not just throw myself into the writing. We can at least call it Plan A. But it is difficult, since I know what can happen when the characters begin to pull away and do things. Then it's just to stop the history books under his arm and hang on!

7 thoughts on "Beloved books! The exciting content that will fit between the covers is the best gift I can imagine! "

  1. How nice for you to find so much excitement :) I'm back in my home right now and I PROMISE, this is not as exciting. Hugs!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful reading!
    Praise can not get enough of ... Thanks for a great book! I have just quickly read out Förmästarens daughter and now, to my great joy, that you have written a book to! I usually order books Adlibris but I can not wait for several days. It may be the bookstore at lunch! I promise to tell everyone I know about your books! What a history, language and such a fantastic drive! Furthermore, like you're beautiful as a day! :-) Have a great May Day weekend!
    Annika Thörnlund Ekerö

    • THANK YOU! Wow, hardly know what to answer. A thousand thousand thanks! It went straight to the heart! Happy! Greetings from Ann (who unfortunately had no further Walpurgis weekend. whole family, except I was sick, hence my late reply ...)

  3. WOW!
    Ann Hi! We have just returned from a diving safari in the Maldives, because I'm a real bookworm, we had loaded up with a real high. When I had started reading Fyrmästarens daughter was little short of that I jumped over the diving, I just say WOW! As will Psychic list? Soon I hope! Camilla Läckberg is one of my favorites because we often pops in Hamburgsund / Grebbestad but now I've got a new favorite! We have been very in Marstrand and you have an incredible ability to make you feel every step: they are really all the details in front of him! Hope it will be a LONG series of books from you!

    • What a great rating - to compete with diving in the Maldives ... it was really nice to hear! (The question is what your party said ...) I am so happy is that you recognize yourself in the streets, my hope is that the reader will feel just like that, feel that you go to the island of Marstrand, together with Karin, Robert and Folke. Psychic chest has release date May 14 but I have just learned that it already is out in some stores and online. I got my first example in the mail yesterday, a fantastic feeling to hold as many months of work in hand. Hope you will enjoy it! My warmest thanks for your nice comment!
      Happy greetings from Ann

  4. When will the next book! I've just finished reading Soul coffin ... among the best I have read and eagerly await your next book and hope it comes soon!


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