In search of a structured approach, at least until I sucked into the story ...

Now I find myself an intermediate position. Manus has gone to press and I think a lot about finding a better, more structured approach to work on book three. Therefore, I called today Camilla Ceder, who wrote Frozen moments and now sits with the script work on book two coming in the fall.

Camilla started laughing.

"Are you calling me to ask if a structured approach? I thought you were structured ... "

There, she was both right and wrong. I can be structured. For a while. But then the characters take over and begin to invent things or unexpected events occur, and everything begins to take a turn that I have not thought about me from the beginning, not planned. And that's when my editor Yvonne begins to sound a bit worried on the phone.

Camilla says that this is exactly the same thing for her.

"I think it's the way it is. That's what is creative? "

In other words, I continue to sketch out my plan, but with the knowledge that anything can happen when I am drawn into the story ...


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