Meeting with the musician Stefan Andersson

A as in words and tones in a unique way describes Carl's Fortress and some of the prisoners' fates are Stefan Andersson. Yesterday I had the privilege to sit in a café on the quay with Stefan. Inspiring and fun to talk to someone who appreciates and swallowed up by history as much as I do. And how can you just come up with so many great songs? Impressive! I have quite a few pages at me as I will describe something, but with so few words to convey human stories in a way that it travels through space and time involved - talent is the least I can say.

No notion. 90 Kleist held up at Carl's Fortress for the third consecutive year. If you have not been there yet have something to look forward to! The music flows from the Hall of Knights, penetrates through the gray stone walls and brings solace to the souls who still wander around the top of Carlsten. Sure, things happen up there, ask Eiwe & Siri who live in the commandants house!

The boards' No. 90 Kleist "and" Ship Rat, "both by and with Stefan Andersson goes hot while I'm sitting here figuring on book three.


Last week was the radio interview. P4 Göteborg Lena Rångeby. For those of you who want to hear how it sounded:

It's an interesting life I have. Exciting meetings, klurande up stories and in between laundry and daycare downloads.

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