Fresh breeze and fresh 96-year-old - my oldest readers?

Yesterday was the first day off in a long time. Brilliant sunshine and a fresh breeze that blew while we set off south through Albrektsunds channel. Great to sit with his hand on the tiller and enjoy the surroundings. It took at least ten minutes from there we came ashore at our destination until youngest son had to change his clothes because he managed to fall in.

I'm going småklurar. Spent a morning last week with Stig, former chairman of the local heritage society. He knows everything about the old Marstrand. Now he had picked up maps from 1600 - and 1700's to me. After going through them I went out in search of a bygone age. You get second thoughts when they trudge in the old streets with the knowledge that the foundation of the house next door is from the 1700s. When I worked with Soul coffin, I could always go to the Town Hall basement, but now I find new places. It's exciting!

Otherwise it's signings is the schedule. On Saturday I was in Partille bookstore. There I met my oldest (I think) reader - Walfrid who soon turns 96 years. I thought he was joking when he revealed his age. An alert and awake gentleman who gave me a surprisingly strong hug before he left with a signed copy of Soul coffin in his hand.

The week includes not only "ordinary" job at the computer, the following:

Wednesday, June 16

VIP evening at Bokia Frölunda square at 19.00

Thursday, June 17

VIP evening at Bokia in Mölndal at 18.30

Friday, the 18th

Hall's book store in Uddevalla at 14:00 to 15:00

Hedemyrs Ica in Tanumshede 16:30 to 18:00

Saturday, the 19th

Marstrand's bookstore at 13-14.00.

4 thoughts on 'Fresh breeze and fresh 96-year-old - my oldest readers? "

  1. Briefed Yes, a story can be as exciting as anything, but you lose the plot if it contains a lot of factual errors. I was happy when Karin lit glare-stove in the first book. Then I was even happier when the second book was if possible even better. In addition, packed with accurate descriptions of all sorts. Good luck with the third book!
    hälsn Tove Kjellander
    Sailors and librarian

  2. Ann Hi!
    I am deeply impressed by your detailed knowledge of my beloved island. It is a pleasure to read Fyrmästarens daughter. I knew Ake at Little Kornö including Besides, I have a feeling that your Uncle Sture, who disappeared at the lobster fishery, should have disappeared in the area of ​​Yellow Cut and real name was Oscar. Thanks for a wonderful reading experience from a seglarvän which unfortunately now most are bound to Vänern. This is partially offset by our Viking ship, a Gokstadkopia, whose crew I belonged since 1995. Warm Regards Ingemar Nordgren

  3. Hälsn.från Denmark
    Hi Ann, greetings from a very happy Danish readers .... Your first 2 books have been reached by the best that I have read ... look forward to your book, his third ..... A faithful reader from Denmark
    Ole Broberg


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