German journalists on a visit to the Book of lip in August

On Friday they came up. Nine people - seven German journalists, a camera guy and a movie guy. I had put up a program to describe Marstrand, explain my love for this amazing place and see different places from the books. We started with a dinner at the clubhouse porch. I asked everyone to describe what they did more accurately. Everything from travel magazines to newspapers. There we sat and talked until the sun went down in North Inlet. Fabulous beautiful. Just before we leave the restaurant draws Julia to work with PR in Aufbau, my German publisher, the first example of the "four-masted daughter" in German. I know how a big smile spreading across my face. This is crazy. To sit with a book in hand, with nine people around me because of something that I invented and written down on the computer. Fantastic!

Saturday morning started with a ribbåtstur out to Paternoster. Mien the crowd on the pier when they saw the rib was priceless. Marstrand Fjord showed up at their best, thanks to a weak easterly wind and hardly any waves. It does not take many minutes to the Port Cutting. We climbed up in Paterson Nosters lighthouse and I pointed out over the many islands and described the shipwreck that took place there. Hard to imagine when the entire ocean sparkles and looks friendly like. Lunch in old fyrmästarbostaden before we came back - now to Swedecharters bridge in Koon. Rib was replaced with a sailboat. Out of North Inlet and up the sails. The sun was shining and the wind was just right. We cruised around Åstol, went outside Marstrand, Klovero and then Albrektsunds channel back.

Next stop was a walk on the island of Marstrand. Stig Christoffersson, homestead association's former president was sitting outside the town hall and waited. He knows everything about Marstrand, is like a living encyclopedia I ever impressed by his skills and not least his memory! We showed Rådhuskällaren, said that the house was the island's next oldest (the church is the oldest) was built in 1647 when we were still Danish. I described how the women accused of witchcraft had been imprisoned in the basement awaiting trial and the Court in the 1670s. What if these walls could talk!

The time had become more than seven before the tour of the island were closed and we were headed for dinner at a restaurant Drott. Another fabulous sunset.

When I wake up on Sunday morning and find that it's raining a bit, I think that it probably will pass. Happily, I take the ferry to the island to the motion of most of the gang from Hotel Nautic. Casimir and Charles to make a program for the German NDR is left to film in Marstrand during the day. The sky opens up and the rain pouring down. We try to make the best of the situation, but Marstrand streets are almost empty and I'm cold, where I go to shows, says, pointing. There can be no more than 12-14 degrees and windy. We eat late lunch and warms us inside Lasse Maja. Yesterday's sunshine feels distant when the rain patters against the windows. Strengthened by the food and slightly drier we return out in the cold. Somehow we at least get to all the sights and scenes that Casimir and Charles had in mind. The clock time to be six before I'm home.

Monday morning offers brilliant sunshine - the weather that we had had yesterday! That there can be such a big difference! Only a German journalist is now left. Charles. He is friendly and interested in history. I have borrowed the key to the local history association's little cottage. Here you find black and white photos of old Marstrand. Karl listens when I talk about herring periods and past families of steps. Fun for me to hear how he works to build up a picture or a story.

We end with Café Matilda shrimp sandwich on the dock before we say goodbye.

The husband and the kids are already out on a sandy beach, and I quickly packed a bag with bathing suits before I go down to the bridge and start our gig. I slowly chugs through the crowded harbor, out past Arholma. I feel happy and satisfied. Book lip in Germany in August - it's crazy!

Sneak Research and windows ajar ...

Vacation! I'm on an island south of Marstrand. Sit and look out over the sea and boats added to the rocks. It does not matter how many times I do it, the view is always different and I never tire. The sea that tonight lie still have so many faces.

We came here yesterday and I live in a house lent by her husband's brother and wife. The kids love the place and runs happily from the bridge up to the house, still wearing life jackets. A whole week we will be here and enjoy life. Take walks on the little path that crosses the island, talk and read. There is no television. And no one seems not miss it. I read Ann Cleeves thriller "Black as night." The story is set in the Shetland Islands, an environment I feel quite well after sailing there.

Otherwise, I think some of my ideas. Thank you all please get in touch with excited shouts and tells you waiting for book the third It makes me very happy! The notebook is always in your pocket, thoughts arise when you least expect it! The husband sighs sometimes when Sunday promenade evolve into something completely different than he imagined. When the children and last week I was dropped off at Klovero to take a walk and then meet her husband on the other side of the island. I know I would have taken the right when the trail divided, it was just that the left was Bremsegården that I have been curious about for ever, and upstairs is a window ajar ... The guys and I go to the old house where a woman is out in the garden. We start talking and I realize I may call Niklas to say that I changed our plans. The problem is that I do not have any coverage on mobile. The woman and her husband showing tadpole for my loved sons offer me to borrow their phone.
"Where are you calling?" Ask Niklas.
"... Bremsegården," I say and hear how he sighs at the other end.
"And where got you by accident?"
"We take it then, I know I would turn right."
"Sneak Research," he replies. And of course he is right, but my thoughts and ideas will not break. The story finds its way forward and if you see a window ajar one must of course take the opportunity!