Finding - and invent - stories. Book three takes shape.

THANK YOU! all of you who have heard of you after reading my books!

I have saved all the messages and letters I have received. Pleasant meetings in connection with the signings or on different islands in the summer sailing, I think of with pleasure. For there is so much work behind each book and means so much when someone says that they lay and read till 3:30 even though they had an early work meeting the next morning, or that they actually came here to Marstrand to go in Själakistans footsteps. Such is fantastic and the energy I carry with me now when I sit with book three, which is taking shape.

The children were in kindergarten in the morning, then I went out for a walk. Found an old path that I have not seen before. Climbed a mountain and saw the steady stream of parents in cars on their way to jobb.Fast this is my job. To find stories. So far, I have just a lot of loose ends and are not quite sure how they fit together. Research, I started with for quite a while ago, when the Soul coffin gone to press.

The first step now is to gather the threads and write synopsis, an overview of the entire book from start to finish as the publisher wants. The problem is that there are always things happen along the way, the characters take their own initiative once I start writing and who knows where it ends, then?

I will make another visit to Klovero, south of Marstrand (the island is to the left if you are on the ferry with the nose facing the island of Marstrand), though today it is blowing too much. But a tour of the gig will be there as soon as weather permits. There are two old farms where I want to visit. And then there is an elderly lady who I think is sitting inside with lots of interesting information, to her, I would like to talk to. This time I will try to be more focused, structured, though if I know myself, I can not help but be swayed by the more unexpected and exciting as you can when I'm looking for something else. And it's not always I even know what I'm looking for. But happiness to me is to go here with the wind blowing in your hair and find - and find - stories that are slowly put together a new book.

The update of the blog must stand back for a while, however, I try to Tweet, writing short messages. Click on the link below to keep up with my life. Or search for Ann Rosman Twitter.

Happy! Greetings from Ann


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