2 thoughts on "Boktrailer to Mercurium"

  1. Just want to thank you for pleasant reading I have for two nights now. Great book, just as good as the earlier you have written, fun to history mixed with fiction. After reading the book, I went online to learn more about Metta Fock and fortress, may take me a trip there again soon. Too bad you read the book, it will take a course for a while until the next comes out, but the waiting ............ :)

    • Hey Tanja,

      remember that you read on the two evenings - and I wrote over a year ... But so fine that you like the book!
      Yes, there really is no nuanced picture of you google her name, but it was also a jungle of documents and family relations to get through to unravel the truth. Crazy. And what a bonus to find living relatives!
      There are more and more books, but right now I'm buried in research ... so want to piece of real historical facts.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me!


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