I got Kungälvs Municipality Cultural!

Sometimes you just so happy. So lovely to be appreciated for what you do! First, fine appointments at a crowded restaurant holds author talk at cafe last Saturday and so Kungälvs Municipality Cultural following reasons:

"Kungälvs Municipality's Cultural Award 2013 goes to writer Ann Rosman, whose exciting books alive Marstrand Traktens history, linking past and present. Through her writing she arouses readers' interest in cultural history and her books attracting more bokturister to the area to visit the environments she describes. Rosman is passionate about telling stories that she collects through encounters with people and written sources. Her strong commitment to the community makes her also a splendid cultural ambassador of Marstrand in particular, to the delight of the entire Kungälvs municipality. "

Now I can happily plugging away on the script for the catfish.

Cheerful greetings from Ann