Tour in a storm-torn Germany

Bedtime for a laang day. The plane to Berlin went as planned, and once in place, I jumped into a taxi to the train station and took a coffee with an editor Heike from the publisher and Gisela who translated my first book. But on the train to Schleswig (where I've been / is tonight) the problems began. Parts of the route turned out to be closed by the bad weather and I and many others had to go off in Hamburg. But the German DB (corresponding SJ) swung taxis and I whizzed down the Autobahn with three Germans who were to Kiel. After leaving them, she turned at last against Schleswig. Old beautiful songs on the radio - Alphaville, ABBA and things would be worse, even though I showed up later than planned. The evening in the nice bookstore was successful and well attended. Tomorrow is Fight Nagel in Hamburg that apply. The trains can not, and I wonder how I'll get there. Will check it tomorrow. Mr Adler (yes, he's called that) from the bookstore may have a plan ...


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