Signing Tour!

Now it's off on a little signing tour. Here comes the test of time. Hope to see you somewhere!

May 15 Thursday AKB Lysekil at 12-13
May 15 Thursday AKB Uddevalla Kl 14-15
May 15 Thursday Books & Sheet Torp, Uddevalla, at 16-17
May 15 Thursday VIP evening Ruckman Stenungsund at 18.30 ...
May 16 Friday AKB Gumperts, North Town Gothenburg at 12-13
May 20 Tuesday AKB Kungälv, Vipkväll Kungälv at 18.30 ...
May 21 Wednesday AKB Western hamngatan Gothenburg at 12-13
May 21 Wednesday AKB Backaplan Gothenburg 14-15
May 21 Wednesday AKB Avenue - vipkväll Gothenburg at 19.30-
May 22 Thursday AKB Alingsås Alingsås at 12-13
May 22 Thursday AKB Lerum at 15-16
May 23 Friday AKB Järntorget Gothenburg at 12-13
May 23 Friday AKB Allum Partille 14-15
May 23 Friday AKB Redbergsv Gothenburg at 16-17
May 24 Saturday AKB Kungsmässan Kungsbacka at 12-13
May 24 Saturday AKB Frölunda Torg V: a Frölunda 13:30 to 14:30
May 24 Saturday AKB Frölunda Torg (small shop) V: a Frölunda at 15-16
June 5 Hedemyrs Tanumshede 15-17

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