An application for clemency. The true story of Metta Fock - only female prisoner at Carlsten Fortress.

In 1806 arrives Metta Fock Ridderbielke to Marstrand, Carlsten Fortress, accused of MURDER BY POISON. Throughout the lengthy trial, she denied the allegations, and now she's doomed to sit "in confession." Isolated in the fortress on the barren island of she will stay until she recognizes or go under - whichever comes first. Without the possibility of contact with the outside world, with no pen or paper, she begins to embroider. Word for word takes a desperate clemency shape.

2011 held a grand masquerade at the fortress. The cream of Swedish society is there, and before the evening is over, two people lost their lives. But the gates have always been closed and guarded, no outsider could have gotten into - or out. Is the killer somewhere among the 140 guests? Detective Karin Adler called to the scene and kiss the country can begin ...