"... Where the wind sweeps in from the Dogger banks with the scent of seaweed and salt and adventure ..."

Sailing, Sea & Evert Taube

I have sailed since childhood. Six weeks every summer was spent in the family boat with bark sails. Fascinated, I listened to my father when he talked to the old fisherman in the ports along the West Coast. With their broad accents were sometimes difficult to understand what was said. Often I picked pelikanfotsnäckor where fishermen cleaned their nets and father told me the history about the places we came to. Thus became the islands, which looked so flat out on the chart, vibrant and exciting.

Long-distance sailing

As I grew older was sailing further and went to the Shetland, Orkney, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Inner and Outer Hebrides and St Kilda group of islands just off the Outer Hebrides. The boat, a Long keel Cutlass 27 was only slightly more than 8 feet long, and often where we least in the ports. With only two people on board for longer races you get to take turns to sail and sleep. It's impossible to add somewhere where you sail across the North Sea ... Depending on where you sail over and where it will take between three and five days, but it all depends of course on the wind and the weather gods.

Instead of writing a logbook, I wrote resebrev to grandma and grandpa that I posted in each port. I pulled down on the dangers of and talked instead about encounters with whales, dolphins and puffins. Well, I had come home with me heaps of pictures that my grandfather fell asleep to.

"Water, just water - it really be something?" He said.

Evert Taube

My parents have a good friend who plays accordion and it was good so I came in contact with Evert Taube's music. When I light summer evenings lay in the forward cabin on board to sleep, I could hear accordion music that was played in their boat that lay alongside. Even today there is nothing that comes close to Evert Taube's songs. No one has as he described it lobed landscape, the smooth rocks and the fragrant heather.

"... Where the wind sweeps in from the Dogger banks with the scent of seaweed and salt and adventure ..." Evert Taube