Loved the books! The exciting content that will fit between the covers is the best gift I can imagine!

Sometimes there are things closer to home than you think ... Yesterday I had an interesting encounter with a certain Bridget here in Marstrand. She turned out to be in possession of a lot of valuable information that I thought I would have to locate through the Regions Archive in Gothenburg, among other things. Instead, I spent days at her house, next door to Marstrand preschool, two minutes walk from my house. Sometimes you're lucky!

The bag was much much heavier on the way home. Two books and a hefty stack of paper. Put them in a safe place so that children do not think it's drawing paper ...

Today I continued with a trip to Marstrand library (after having given up my my book cover for further transport to Johanna in Gothenburg - good!). All interesting books that are in Bohuslän-shelf in the Town Hall. I would of course bring any home! In the end I had to give me because it was held more in the bag. Piles of papers and books towers now back up on my desk. It's fantastic - so very exciting to read and learn new things. If we look instead for the desktop is properly cut to the soul coffin, the stack is half a meter high, which also feels good.

This time I've thought to be more structured and not just throw myself into the writing. We can at least call it Plan A. Though it is difficult, since I know what can happen when the characters begin to pull away and look at things. Then it's just to stop the history books under his arm and hang on!

Morning walk in the Fishing Harbour

After leaving the children in kindergarten, I trudged off to watch the ongoing hotel construction on Hedwig Holmen and then remove the fishing harbor.

Calm and a lovely spring sun shone as I crossed the wooden bridge. There is something special about going to the docks! The sound of boat moorings, floating docks that moves up and down as the sea's movement. And so all activity in that way in a marina in the spring. The aroma of bottom paint, oil, and the sound of the engines will not start (not to mention how the boat owners tend to express themselves) ... I love it!

At the farm Långedal I was joined by two girls who also was out walking. What a nice start to the day! Especially when you must sit with his nose in the book cover ...

Inspiring coffee with Stefan Einhorn

Yesterday I spent most of the day in Gothenburg. Listened to an inspiring lecture by Stefan Einhorn and then took a cup of coffee shared with him in the spring sunshine. Stefan has read the script for Soul coffin and come with comments. Perfect because he did not know what the book was about already, and good that he lives somewhere else and do not know how the trails are or were the various sites are located. A map was one of the comments ... and it will be on the inside back cover. To obtain an audit of a person of his caliber feels fantastic.

We sat and talked about writing but also to change course in life. As the author has not got any direct colleagues, not to solo work in itself makes me somewhat. But I like to bounce ideas and think it's worthwhile to discuss and get input from outside. You may obtain a new network with talented people who sometimes can lean on and hopefully sometime may be able to pep and help.

In the end, the sun disappeared behind the houses and Stefan went to keep the next lecture. I hopped on the bus to Marstrand and went to Dairy wedge where a bunch of enthusiastic ladies were waiting for me to talk about writing and bokidéer. I talked for ages! Went up and running in all good questions, and tormented them with Marstrand history mixed with my own imagination and how it could have been and what definitely could have happened ... So many questions and so much appreciation, it was long ago I received.

When I got home I put the lovely flowers in water and summed up the day. Lovely! Rewarding on so many levels. I am fortunate, I observed.

In search of a structured approach, at least until I sucked into the story ...

Now I find myself an intermediate position. Manus has gone to press and I think a lot about finding a better, more structured approach to work on book three. Therefore, I called today Camilla Ceder, who wrote Frozen moments and now sits with the script work on book two coming in the fall.

Camilla started laughing.

"Are you calling me to ask if a structured approach? I thought you were structured ... "

There, she was both right and wrong. I can be structured. For a while. But then the characters take over and begin to invent things or unexpected events occur, and everything begins to take a turn that I have not thought about me from the beginning, not planned. And that's when my editor Yvonne begins to sound a bit worried on the phone.

Camilla says that this is exactly the same thing for her.

"I think it's the way it is. That's what is creative? "

In other words, I continue to sketch out my plan, but with the knowledge that anything can happen when I am drawn into the story ...

Soul coffin to the pressure

Last Thursday called Yvonne, my editor.

"Now it has gone away!"

"Wow," I said that was home with sick children. We talked for a while before we wished each other happy Easter, and it felt almost strange when we hung up. Something I thought about and worked with for a long time is out of my hands. The file is sent to print and can no longer change in. Nice!

Now I have gathered all the papers lying scattered in the study. There was a voluminous tome, almost half a meter high. I sat for a moment and looked at the pile, the colored post-it notes. So I took a picture before I cleared the rest of the desk and sat on the coffee. Outside it had begun to rain, heavy drops pattering on the veranda roofs.

I poured coffee and sat down to flip through the old books of Marstrand, which I started to locate. The dream is a small library. Just being able to pull out an old book and lands in a story, to suddenly stand in the middle of the quay among sillådor and cut captains in 1810. Sneak aboard a boat and hide under the sails ... So much exciting history it is!