"It is without doubt one of the best historical novels I've read. My wife is of the same opinion. "Dick Harrison on Mercurium.

With Metta Fock in a place of honor in my heart, I am working on. The book Mercurium took both time and energy but also gave them infinitely. Getting highlight my version of her story, and to hear Dick Harrison with wife Catherine said that "it was without doubt one of the best historical books they had read" warming really. A quote that I was proud of and that would been on pocketen (but who will the next pressure).

I'm always looking for stories. Depictions in old books or stories that pop up when I least expect it and really is going somewhere else. Both I and the stories. As recently when I was going to the library at Marstrand to leave the books that I've had for far too long. That's when it appeared someone was out walking, and just then came to mind a memory from the war that he wanted to tell me. Such opportunities must be taken advantage of and it can not be helped that the library has time off because I just have to listen. For me it is like to have an amazing gift and I unpack a piece of history that is new to me.

Then walk around the site and search for traces from which the event gets me going. Imagine me what was happening that time, fiddling stones in foundations and wonder if perhaps that old basement door with the distinctive handle is left from that time. I put his hand on the forged handle to feel how it feels. The feeling, oh how I love it, butterflies in my stomach when I make contact with the past and thinking about how it affects us today. Where is the connection? For that, there is one that is safe. Does the family that owns the house today to history? Can they have more to tell you, I wonder if they've found things in the walls, floors or ceilings in connection with any renovation?

It's those little explorations that provide seeds for stories and worlds that are connected together. Traces of the past, ties to the past. And I ponder how best to present it to the reader. What features should I choose to really find the feeling? Right now I'm working on book number 5 which has no title yet. I root in archives, talking to "old d" and looking facts. Fantasize and have a coffee on the dock at Bergs. This time I have put more time. The plan is that the book shows up on bokdiskarna in april / May 2014. Want to come work on the book, please follow me on Facebook.